Madahoochi - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup


Madahoochi has been an institution in the St Louis music scene for 10 years, playing over 800 shows and authoring four CDs. They have been nominated in the Riverfront Times Music Awards for four years and were named Best St Louis Jamband 2004, 2005, 2006 in the RFT ‘Best of St Louis’. Madahoochi recorded their newest CD, 2006’s “Live in the Loop” at Cicero’s in St. Louis MO. The CD features five unreleased tracks, including fan favorites “Must Be Nice”, “Good Time People”, and “Nuclear Man”. For years, fans have asked for a Madahoochi live album, and the reason is clear: the massive energy of a Madahoochi show is apparent throughout every note of the new disc. The live CD also captures the direction of Madahoochi’s newer music, which is a return to good, old fashioned high-powered rock and roll. The music spans the spectrum; lovers of all genres can find a home with Madahoochi. One notices first that the band both embraces and shuns pop format, producing short, simple pieces as well as verbose songs with multiple changes and styles. Also immediately evident is that the lead vocals are split evenly among the band’s three singers, two male and one female, adding continual evolution to the show. Harmony is everywhere in Madahoochi’s music, as is their empty-yet-thick timbre. Also apparent is a whimsical quality that shows up in the band’s text, which is full of stories that are fantastical and surprisingly dark. Most importantly, Madahoochi’s stage show is full of energy and excitement, which pours back and forth between the band and the fans.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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