Hoots & Hellmouth - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup

Hoots & Hellmouth

Ladies and gents! Welcome to our piece of the webspace. Thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoy your stay. You’ll find the music and pictures in the places you’d expect them. Myspace is like voicemail now, right? We all have an instinct for it. Or perhaps intuition would be the better word. Something like “instinct” seems more of an inborn sort of sense…grafted by genes and chemistry and all that. I suppose it’s possible that those being conceived now, in this computer age, will somehow osmotically gain some kind of genetic familiarity with these newfangled conventions. But for those of us born in the 70’s when Bill Gates was a nerd of somewhat lower financial magnitude (Rob Berliner and Sean Hoots b. 1975, Hellmouth b. 1978), nuh uh. But none of that is really salient to the purpose of you stopping by, now is it? Then again, this sort of rambling tangent is the kind of thing one might notice as a pattern of how things work around here. Intuit it! On the business side of things, those of you who know the band will notice that we’ve recently changed the look of the site in order that we may trumpet the arrival of our debut full-length record, as presented by MAD Dragon Records in association with Drexel University whose kids’ parents sign all the checks. It’s a lovely arrangement. That’s big for us, actually: having people be a part of this thing we’re all helping to create here. At our core, Hoots & Hellmouth consists of Sean, Andrew and Rob, frequently augmented by Aaron Blouin, Matthew Stein, Todd Erk or Tim Celfo on bass, but the people at our shows really drive us to the point that we consider them all to be a part of what’s going on. We wanna break away from the traditional roles of performer and audience…the exchange of music is a bond…a way to build community…an environment in which to share the experience of being human (ups, downs, all ways). Living in a void leaves one empty. So much in the culture of modern living has convinced us to cut ourselves off from human contact – that such interaction is unnecessary in the day-to-day transactions of life. Whether it’s the cold, lifeless embrace of technology or the “hipper than thou” clique-building attitude of society’s disaffected individuals, it seems the world is finding itself more and more isolated on an individual level. Which is kinda weird when the going trend is ostensibly “connectivity.” Connected to what exactly? We’d love to provide space at our shows (and in your own private listening/site-surfing experience there) where anyone and everyone can come and feel free to just be…free to check your job titles, family roles and “demographic buying habits” info at the door. No demands, no pressure. We’re not trying to sell you a product or influence you in any particular way. We’re not espousing any ideology other than that which builds community on a local level. All religions, no religions, political shades all across the spectrum (including the infrareds and ultraviolets)…we welcome you! We’re bringing what we know – music – to the party. What will you bring? Until next we cross paths, be well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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