Dewayn Brothers - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup

Dewayn Brothers

What is a Dewayn Brother? Well its four Brothers and a Sister hell bent on pickin’ fast and partying hard! From the front porch of the Flinthills in East Central Kansas comes The DeWayn Brothers. After more than two years of touring across the U.S. in a conspicuous 42-foot bus, we’ve sure had our run-ins with a good deal more than just the law! We’ve evaded cops in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, blazed through nine inches of snow in Illinois, and made it through 110° New Mexican heat. We’ve survived sunburns on the beaches of New Jersey, a shooting in Tulsa, lost brakes on a mountain road in Idaho, and all the hazards of big city driving. We’re not complainin’, though, because The DeWayn Brothers’ style bluegrass is spreadin’ like a ragin’ fire. With rippin’ banjo, mando, guitar and thumpin’ bass all we need is the sweet voice of sis Jamie Lee and its a sound and a show you’ll love to see…and never forget!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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