Cosmopolitics - Wakarusa Music Festival

2008 Artist Lineup


The Cosmopolitics come at you with more charisma than most can handle, more aesthetically succinct maelstrom than you’ve ever come across, and a sound completely all their own. Comprised of three pieces- Matt Gader on electric guitar, Luke Stone on drum set and Andy Kroeker on bass, a complete and symmetrical unit of sound is the product. Based out of Lawrence, Kansas, the Cosmopolitics met, and came together via Matt Gader, songwriter, guitar teacher, and guitar virtuoso. They have been making music as a group for approximately 4 years, building a strong repertoire and local, and regional fan base. Their music is described by many as improvisational progressive rock, or “21st-century improg.” At a live show, you’ll catch them producing mainly original music, blending many diverse styles such as jazzfusion, hip hop, funk, and electronica. Throughout the night, the intensity crescendos, falls and swells, but the group never loses the backbone of a strong groove, and interesting melodic progression, keeping eyes locked, ears tuned in, and bodies collectively getting down on the dance floor. Also included in a set, you’ll find great pleasure in catching a wide variety of sometimes obscure covers, drawing from many creative musicians and composers. Stylistically, the Cosmopolitics meld the nuances of each member..s range of influences, including Rush, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, early Yes, Umphree..s Mcgee, Primus, Phish, and many more. As the fall rolls in, this group of inseparable individual and collective talent embarks on a tour to support their new and upcoming release, (title to be announced) performing a run of shows in CO, MT and ID, and back to their native state, Kansas. A big hit for jam-band lovers, those enamored with rock n’ roll, drum n’ bass, and those blessed with an open mind, these guys captivate audiences of all walks of life. All kidding aside, if you haven’t seen this band yet, you need to get out more, and get your ass on the dancefloor!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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