Yonder Mountain String Band - Wakarusa Music Festival

2007 Artist Lineup

Yonder Mountain String Band

This talented quartet from Colorado has become a nationwide phenomenon with their unique style of jam influenced bluegrass, remarkable songwriting, and high harmonies. Their sound has been described as “progressive bluegrass”, “newgrass”, “jamgrass” and “Colorado’s nakedest bluegrass”. The band draws influences from traditional bluegrass tunes while creating a new and unique sound that draws listeners in from the first note. They have quickly ascended to the forefront of the music scene and have generated a die hard fanbase of ‘Kinfolk’ that stretches from coast to coast and beyond. The intensity of their live shows is well known and has been described as possessing “drive without drums.” Formed in 1998, YMSB consists of four Colorado transplants: Adam Aijala on guitar, Jeff Austin on mandolin, Dave Johnston on banjo, and Ben Kauffman on the bass. The band blends bluegrass and folk with contemporary jams and original songwriting, and select cover songs by artists such as John Hartford, The Beatles, and the Talking Heads have become staples in their live sets. They have released three studio albums and three live albums, and another studio album and live compilation are slated for release in early 2006. YMSB creates an energy among band members and with the audience that is bound to get the crowd moving and the floor jumping. Jeff Austin’s freeform scat, Ben Kauffman’s powerful storytelling songs, Dave Johnston’s banjo picking, and Adam Aijala’s guitar framework are guaranteed to get the crowd dancing with a high energy performance. “It’s all about inspiration and listening,” Jeff says. “If we can put out enough energy to sustain a crowd without drums, and show them they can still dance their asses off, well, we’ve achieved our goal.”

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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