SeepeopleS - Wakarusa Music Festival

2007 Artist Lineup


Since the original lineup of Asheville, NC-based SeepeopleS reunited in late 2004, this four-piece sonic rock outfit has been steadily and quietly taking hold of live music fans and headphone recluses alike with their trademark mix of psychedelic rock, pop and ambient styles that attacks your ears like a freight train and leaves fans wondering how a four-piece can create such a robust, detailed sound in the live setting. Bandleader Will Bradford captains the ship on vocals, keys and guitars. Bradford’s guitar technique occasionally recalls the subtle nuances of The Verve’s Nick McCabe and the intensity of Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, but remains entirely his own and couples with his soaring vocals to create the band’s unique sound. On bass and vocals, Berklee-trained Dan Ingenthron has earned his own cheering section in the live setting, leaving a small clot of fans with mouths agape in his wake after every show. Tim Haney, a touring drummer since age 14, ravages his kit with passion, acuity and old fashioned brute force. Rounding out the lineup is Peter Keys, long-time touring keyboardist for Parliament Funkadelic, who can only be described as a true musical virtuoso. Collectors and mavens know SeepeopleS for the treasure trove of eclectic guest appearances, memorable songwriting and major label-worthy production aesthetic that appears on the band’s albums, each an interesting gem in its own right. SeepeopleS’ most recent album, The Corn Syrup Conspiracy, won critical praise nationally for its polished production value, as well as its attention to songwriting and cohesiveness, and its cameo appearances by musical virtuosos Tim Reynolds, Dana Colley (Morphine), Dave Shul (Spearhead) and members of Parliament Funkadelic. The album, in fact, boasts the last known commercial recording of the late Ray Davis, Parliament’s signature booming baritone vocalist. Continuing in the tradition of creating great albums, the band’s new release, Apocalypse Cow Vol. I, is no exception. “It is the first time we have ever recorded a real string section for some of the songs,” remarks bandleader Will Bradford. Featuring 17 new tracks ranging from straight rock n’ roll to SeepeopleS’ inexplicable sonic creations, Apocalypse Cow Vol. I marks a huge step in the evolution of the band, and their most ambitious release to date.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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