RAQ - Wakarusa Music Festival

2007 Artist Lineup


Based in Burlington, Vermont, and self-described as high performance rock and roll, RAQ has seen its fair share of obstacles since it’s inception. Instead of allowing those to hinder their determination to succeed in this business we call “music”, they have used those obstacles as lyrical ammunition giving this band their unique sound featuring complex song structures coupled with quirky yet accessible lyrics and a healthy dose of full-band improvisation. Each live performance is a free form, unplanned adventure, using the composed songs as a launching pad to take the band and their fans into uncharted musical territory. Chris Michetti’s intricate guitar playing yields a cascading stream of notes, while Todd Stoops provides uncompromising rhythm and texture on keys, Jay Burwick holds the low end down with his rock solid bass grooves, and Greg Stukey, the back bone of the rhythm section, plays with an almost scientific precision. RAQ’s high level of technical skill, well-written songs, and a seemingly telepathic connection between each other, sensationalizes the indescribable magic that sets them apart from the rest. The band started back in 2001 as “Shadraq”, but shortened their name to RAQ before cutting their debut album “Shed Tech”. In 2002, Todd Stoops, who added a fresh new element to the music, replaced former keyboardist Marc Scortino. Their unique sound developed playing to ardent fans in local Burlington clubs. They started touring and soon expanded their scope to cover all of New England, eventually making their way to the West Coast in the summer of 2002 with a series of shows in California and Colorado. Over past four years RAQ has taken the stage at festivals such as Bonnaroo, High Sierra Music Festival, Langerado, Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, Summer Camp, Gathering of the Vibes, Adirondack Music Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and aboard the floating festival, Jam Cruise. They’ve headlined venues such as the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO., the Georgia Theater in Athens, GA., San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, Boston’s Paradise Rock Club and Burlington Vermont’s Higher Ground Ballroom. In August of 2005, over 600 fans reveled in New Woodstock, NY, for the Lew-Au, RAQ’s very own festival. They’ve also sold out the famed BB King’s Blue’s Club, and most recently, the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The band’s steady rise to success is attributed to their ability to captivate an audience with their high energy, creativity, and the passion to play quality music. RAQ’s compositions are grounded in solid song structures, but the music is malleable enough to go in infinite directions in the live setting. This is what keeps the quartet’s devout following and first time listeners yearning for more as the audience is taken along on the collective journey. RAQ gathers newly devoted fans with their infectious sound each time they play. Their extensive repertoire of original compositions and eclectic selection of covers give the band the freedom to create a unique set list for every show. Their music has matured with age and experience, and has evolved into a sound that is both retro and cutting-edge to a generation of grassroots music fans. They continue to tour relentlessly, infusing live performances, and leaving every ounce of energy they have on stage each night delighting the senses of the most discerning rock and roll aficionado.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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