Lotus - Wakarusa Music Festival

2007 Artist Lineup


Lotus merges electronic styles with jazz, funk, and world influences to create a unique sound that is making waves from Jersey to Japan. During their live shows the band seamlessly blends together their beautifully textured instrumentals to weave an exciting musical tapestry that leaves everyone in the audience wanting more. Extremely danceable and often spiritual, Lotus seeks to find balance in not only their music, but in life as well. Lotus — Steve Clemens, Jesse Miller, Luke Miller, Chuck Morris and Mike Rempel formed in 1999. Through non-stop touring, Lotus’ astonishing instrumental tracks quickly garnered a huge and loyal fan base. This lead to Lotus’s 2002 debut album, VIBES, recorded live in concert during the fall of 2001. The first pressing of VIBES sold out in February of 2003. Follow-up albums released on Harmonized Records — Germination (2003) and Nomad (2004) — cemented Lotus’ close-knit relationship with their fans and provided a tasty appetizer of what was soon to come. The Strength of Weak Ties (released April 2006) digs deep into musical connections and explores where the familiar meets foreign – glitch-hop programming meets rock ‘n’ roll drums, overdriven guitars meet overdriven synthesizers, primitive drum machines meet funky back beats, and post-rock meets electronica. This is definitely a band that you do not want to miss.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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