Kan'Nal - Wakarusa Music Festival

2007 Artist Lineup


Primal rhythm, swirling dancers, ancient instruments and futuristic technologies blend with mythic archetypes and alternative rock to create a musical, visual, sensual experience. Kan’Nal’s “Shamanic Rock,” documented on their Sony Red debut, Dreamwalker, conveys the power of these spectacles. For years, songwriter/vocalist Tzol was drawn to explore Mexico and Central America. On one particular journey in early 2001, Tzol met guitarist Tierro in the village of San Marcos on the magical lake Atitlan. Writing songs and performing together in Guatemala inspired them to capture their vision on an album. After recording the first Kan’Nal CD in Tierro’s hometown Toronto, the two returned to lake Atitlan the following year. At their very first show, they were joined by songwriter/bassist Rodolfo Escobar and performance artist Teresita Hinojosa. With this addition Kan’Nal gained a new visual and mystical dimension. Living together near the lake, all four drew inspiration from the beauties and hardships that surrounded them. One by one the group encountered the others destined to join their tribe. Aaron Jerad, another traveler on “La Ruta Maya,” came into the picture while they were visiting the Yucatan peninsula. His foundational percussion and solid didgeridoo playing added further elements of trance and rhythm Leaving Mexico they added Gilly Gonzalez, whose ferocious drumming had made him a figure of legend in Texas. Completing the circle, artist and dancer Akayate joined the band in Colorado. Her gift for costume design and movement enhanced the band’s visual and storytelling elements. The music… the dances… the story-songs proclaim “tear down the borders…unite the colors… bring down the fire and walk as one” (“Gypsy”) and demand “shake my bones ‘til they shatter/shake my soul like a rattle” (“Desert Flower”) These are the cries that have flown over the Nevada desert at Burning Man, sounded from the Rockies at Dreamtime in Colorado, and echoed through the Earthdance Festival in California, drawing thousands of listeners to join Kan’Nal on their journey. One people, one color, one earth.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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