Yard Dogs Road Show - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Yard Dogs Road Show

Pushing performance art to the extreme, the vaudeville vision that is the Yard Dog Road Show may have begun in Oregon, 1998, when the original members of the troupe partook in modern day acid tests with the likes of Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters. After many sleepless nights on the farm, they traveled up and down the West Coast with the trunk of a 1967 Ford Galaxy 500 full of instruments and props, not exactly sure what was to be their fate. However, it was one cold night when they pulled off Interstate 5 at a place called Dog Creek Road that they then fell into deep conversation. Eventually, spirits revealed themselves in the flames: dancing girls with feather fans, a man in silver sunglasses eating fire, a dreamy guitar boy with big hair, a bearded swami swallowing swords. As the story goes it was from this night of fantasy that the flamboyant, gritty-edged fusion of circus, cabaret, saloon act, and blues and rock that is the Yard Dogs Road Show was born.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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