Railroad Earth - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Railroad Earth

From their first gigs in May 2001, to their most recent shows for their legions of loyal fans, Railroad Earth has been an undeniable force on the music scene. Their superb songwriting skills coupled with mind-blowing performances have made them one of the most talked about bands to arrive in years. Taking the traditional bluegrass form to the next level, the group combines elements of rock, jazz, and country with established bluegrass sounds. Soaring vocal melodies further enhance the unique character of their sound and serves as the exclamation point to a wonderful blend of musical alchemy. Over the past few years Railroad Earth has carved a path wide and deep throughout the American roots music scene. Featuring Todd Sheaffer on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Tim Carbone on violin, John Skehan on mandolin, Johnny Grubb on upright bass, Carey Harmon on drums, and Andy Goessling on everything in between (saxophone, dobro, banjo, flute, pennywhistle, and anything else that makes a sound) Railroad Earth is slated to release their first double live album, “ELKO,” in early 2006. Obviously nothing will be stopping this train anytime soon.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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