New Monsoon - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

New Monsoon

San Francisco has always had a tendency to produce bands that defy normal convention by embracing the unknown. New Monsoon is just the latest group to continue this tradition. The band successfully fuses world rhythms with a variety of musical styles to create a distinctive sound that beckons all who hear it to come along for the ride. With an infectious groove underlying a unique blend of instrumentation, New Monsoon shows that there truly are no boundaries when it comes to creating music. New Monsoon was conceived when Penn State friends Bo Carper and Jeff Miller reconnected in California. With Carper’s rootsy acoustic finger style complementing Miller’s inspired melodies, the pair sowed the seeds of the New Monsoon sound. The addition of a high-powered percussion section featuring drummer Marty Ylitalo, tabla virtuoso Rajiv Parikh, and conguero Brian Carey, along with arrival of Phil “The Pianimal” Ferlino on keyboards, carried the New Monsoon sound even further. The lineup was finally solidified in 2004 with the arrival of bass genius Ben Bernstein. The following year saw the momentum of New Monsoon continuing with the release of the band’s new studio album, The Sound. Produced by Michael Shrieve, the original drummer for Santana, The Sound showcases the band’s sophisticated songwriting skills along with their penchant for creating new and exciting musical landscapes.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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