MOFRO - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup


MOFRO began to take shape in 1998 when multi-instrumentalist John “JJ” Grey hooked up with his musical counterpart Daryl Hance. The outcome of this meeting resulted in the beginning of a collaboration that has spread its roots far and wide. Heavily influenced by both the landscape and music of rural North Florida, the unique sound of MOFRO has been described by the band as “cheap-ass funk straight off the front porch.” Deep and soulful, the band strives to infuse each song with imagery that is meant to convey a sense of heartfelt appreciation for the world around us while also simultaneously lamenting the loss of what is genuinely important. This is done in a variety of ways; most notably through JJ’s improvisational stories that can touch on everything from southern food, love gone bad, his Grandma’s life as a ‘Cracka,’ or the destruction of his homeland for a new golf course. The music of MOFRO is truly music with a conscious, but this doesn’t mean that the band shies away from getting down with a groove. On the contrary, MOFRO is also known for getting crowds to shake and rattle with such voracity that beer bottles have actually fallen off the bar, much to the band’s delight.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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