Honeytribe featuring Devon Allman - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Honeytribe featuring Devon Allman

Although Honeytribe is led by vocalist/lead guitarist Devon Allman (yes, from THAT Allman family), this band has a solid line-up all the way around. Devon Allman delivers his vocals with soul and power, getting rave reviews on his live performance in both America and Europe in 2005. Keyboardist Jack Kirkner (formerly of the Schwag, a midwest Grateful Dead Tribute band) shines in this outfit playing both piano and B3. Drummer Mark Oyarzabal brings a Puerto Rican flair to the stage along with George Potsos on bass. These two together are an electrifying rhythm section that is very entertaining to watch. Honeytribe’s music is best described by a breakdown of the name …this band can be sweet like honey and fierce like a tribe, all the while shifting from jam sounds to old school blues. Watching a set of Honeytribe is like going back in a time machine to where passion and feeling were the prime elements of blues rock music. This year looks to be a great year for Honeytribe, with their first Wakarusa performance and the recording of their new record at the famed Ardent studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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