Donna the Buffalo - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Donna the Buffalo

With a career that spans over 17 years, Donna the Buffalo is truly an American institution. The band is able to blend a variety of musical styles in order to weave together a unique sound, perhaps best described as American dance music. With reggae, rock, country, zydeco, Cajun, and folk all mixed together on top of old-time fiddle music, Donna the Buffalo pulls the crowd to its feet and sets them moving! Featuring the talents of Tara Nevins on fiddle and accordion, bassist Bill Reynolds and drummer Tom Gilbert holding down the groove, Jeb Puryear on guitar and Kathy Ziegler on the keyboards, the quintet continues to both record in the studio and tour relentlessly. This comes much to the delight of the legions of dedicated Donna the Buffalo fans, who are known simply as “The Herd.” Donna the Buffalo will be thundering across the plains to play Wakarusa this June!

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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