Del Castillo - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Del Castillo

Del Castillo began as a Latin flamenco-style project between two brothers, Rick and Mark del Castillo in the Fall of 2000. After an initial period of writing instrumentals, their good friend Alex “El Lobo” Ruiz began to compose some wonderfully soulful lyrics and collaborated with them to create vibrant, energetic songs. Another longtime friend, Mike Zeoli, also added some incredible drum tracks. What started out as strictly a “studio” project, suddenly became a real band. However, the group still needed a solid grooving-in-the-pocket bass player, and for this they turned to another close friend, Albert “El Beto Bert” Besteiro. Soon after that, Rick “The Rev” Holeman was asked to add his expertise on percussion, which then completed the band’s lineup. Del Castillo’s signature, non-traditional sound has been igniting clubs, radio stations, festivals, and stages all over Texas since August of 2001. The buzz is also beginning to spread as Del Castillo draws from an infinite well of sonic landscapes, gracefully fusing old world “gitano” and new world flamenco with rock and blues.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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