Bob Schneider - Wakarusa Music Festival

2006 Artist Lineup

Bob Schneider

Unlike many performers who tend to hit only one personality note (sneering bravura or despondent soulfulness), Bob Schneider manages to embody and simultaneously lampoon every single persona you can think of within a two-hour show. When it comes to musical styles and genres, he is a daredevil of versatility-able to go from twangy country crooner to spit-screaming punk, from Latin salsa king to mellow reggae mon, from funk soul brother to white-boy trash rapper, all with perfect fluidity and commanding virtuosity. In addition to his chameleonic tendencies, Bob has the ability to persuade audiences to enjoy a kind of music that they may have detested previously (such as polka). He routinely sells people on his lyrics, too, which often contain language and/or subject matter offensive to the average Dick or Jane. But it is safe to say that offending the average person is not something Schneider is worried about. In fact, it’s probably a goal. He enjoys pushing the limits on his own, but also yours and there is no boundary, whether of musical sensibility or social morality, that he will not dare to cross with at least one toe and a wicked grin.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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