Wakarusa Winter Classic 2014 Finalists


Wakarusa Winter Classic 2014 Finalists

Give each of the 16 finalists a listen and vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page. The two bands with the most votes will play at the Revival Tent at Wakarusa 2014!

Everyone is allowed  VOTE 1x PER DAY so check back each day the voting is active to keep reppin’ your favorite WWC Finalist! Voting polls close at NOON CST on March 24, 2014.

The Dirty Creek Bandits [Tulsa, OK]

Gravity Feed [Dallas, TX]

Calliope Musicals [Austin, TX]

Foleys Van [Fayetteville, AR]

Sunset to Burns [Springfield, MO]

American Lions [Little Rock, AR]

Hog MaGundy [Ft. Collins, CO]

James and The Devil [Denver, CO]

Cirrus Minor [Des Moines, IA]

Cowgirl’s Train Set [Lawrence, KS]

Lowdown Brass Band [Chicago, IL]

We Live In Public [Columbia, MO]

ClusterPluck [St. Louis, MO]

Ro Hempel Band [Lincoln, NE]

The Doctors and The Lawyers [Birmingham, AL]

Funk You [Athens, GA]

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Which Wakarusa Winter Classic Finalist is your Favorite?

    The Waka Winter Classic tour travels the United States looking for the best musicians and/or bands to play at Wakarusa Music Festival! Five musicians and/or bands will be showcased in each city, and will compete for a chance to play for over 20,000 fans at Wakarusa Music Festival! One band from each Waka Winter Classic date will be chosen to play the festival, based on audience votes.


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