Wakarusa 2015 Festival Activities



Friday Night Costume Contest and Parade

How to enter the Costume Contest: Wear your costume all day on Friday because Waka Staff will choose finalists prior to the parade with a Golden Ticket.

Join the parade! Everyone is invited to join the Costume Parade.  Meet at the Main General Store (closest to Main Stage) at 6:30pm. Parade Procession is led by March Forth.

Costume Contest: 7:00pm at Main Stage.  Help us choose the winning costume!  All finalists with a Golden Ticket will be put on the Main Stage for voting and the loudest applause wins.  Winner gets complimentary tickets to Wakarusa 2016! 

Morning Yoga

9:00am- 11:00am Thursday-Sunday every morning at Outpost

Woman Doing Yoga

Every morning join Alice Steuerwald in a daily “Body’s Journey”. Starting each morning with a sense of peace and freedom in your body while developing awareness of self through breath. Mel Smith will accompany this workshop with relaxing music.

Drum Circle with Brandon Draper

Performances: Sunday 11:00 a.m. Drum Circle SATELLITE Stage + solo/duo sets TBD


Brandon Draper returns to Wakarusa to lead the  Drum Circle for the 5th time and this year will once again feature master percussionist Mike Dillon!!  Brandon maintains an active schedule teaching drum set and world percussion at KU, leading an interactive kids music program with his wife – The Drum Safari, producing internationally acclaimed artists in his studio and performing with diverse national acts and DJ’s.  Most recently he toured the U.S. and recorded with the live-tronica pioneers Particle (’11-’14).  According the the Kansas City Star “Brandon Draper does things on the drums that seem near-impossible. His intense beat keeps the fire burning all the time….”  And the Santa Fe Reporter claims “Drapers range of ethnic styles has me hooked!”  Equipped with a few hundred drums and noise makers for festival goers, this year’s drum circle is sure to be a HIT!!  Keep an eye our for Brandon’s guest sit-ins and solo/duo performances throughout the festival weekend as well.

Build-a-Drum Giveaway

9am Friday and Saturday at the Astral Gypsies Tent

Simply show up and enter the drawing for a chance to win! If you’re selected, Astral Gypsies will teach you how to build your free drum head.

Drum Workshop/Demo

12pm- 1:00pm Friday and Saturday at the Astral Gypsies Tent



Dance Play Move Hoop

11:00am- 12:00pm Thursday-Sunday every morning at the Outpost (hoops are provided)

Be inspired. In this four day hula hoop workshop series hosted by The St. Louis Hoop Club and friends discover and connect with what makes you YOU while in the circle. Incorporation of expression paired with hoop and body movement, playfulness, improv, foundational and skill based hoop movements will be taught and shared. Each day will be open for all skill levels and ages and offer a different experience.


Dress Up and Play

Become a part of the roaming performance troupes with the daily dress up themes!


Thursday: Animal Escape 

Friday: Circus Soiree 

Saturday: Interactive Kaleidoscope 

Sunday: Magic Mayhem 

B.Y.O.C. (Build your own Choreo) with Lee Jeffries

12:00pm Friday & Saturday at The Outpost Tent

Choreography is a great way to experiment & better understand you and your partner(s) movement! An incredible tool for co-creation & connection! In this class we will cover various group transitions (canons, retrogrades, etc..) that will help ease the organization of your dance. We will not only connect with our hoops, but we will connect with our MUSIC! Throughout the class, students will receive several emotions to portray throughout the piece they create. By portraying various emotions along with the same movements, the student(s) can better understand the importance of emotion and how it can affect you and your partner(s) dance.  After we have covered transitions, divided into groups and have completed the creation process, we can then begin to share.

Into/Intermediate Acro Yoga with Scott Forebush

Acro Workshops: Friday & Saturday 3:00 p.m. Mainstage Fire Circle


We will begin with a breathing and stretching exercise. We will then pair up and begin with some basic flying and then move to more intermediate positions by the end. The workshop will end with closing stretches.  Come learn with ReCreation circus!


Silks, Poi & Skill Share

Aerial Silks Basics:

An introduction to the exciting art of aerial silks (a.k.a. fabric, or tissue). Learn the proper execution of basic climbs, single and double foot wraps, and inversions.

Aerial Workshop: Saturday 3:30 p.m. Mainstage Pyramid


Poi Skill Share

If you’re a poi spinner and want to come learn some new tricks, or show off some old ones, meet at the main stage fire circle for this poi skill share!  All are welcome.  Hosted by the Vibe Tribe and Wakarusa Fire Spinners.

Poi Skill Share: Friday & Saturday 1:00 p.m. Mainstage Fire Circle


StaffSkill Share

If you’re a staff spinner and want to come learn some new tricks and share old ones, meet at the main stage first circle for this staff skill share!  All are welcome.  Bring your own stick!  Hosted by the Vibe Tribe and Wakarusa Fire Spinners.

Staff Skill Share: Friday & Saturday 2:00 p.m. Mainstage Fire Circle


Fire Dancing Fans

If you are a fire dancer and work with fans, this skill share is for you! Meet at the main stage first circle and bring your fans!  Hosted by the Vibe Tribe and Wakarusa Fire Spinners.

Fire Fans Skill Share: Friday & Saturday 3:00 p.m. Mainstage Fire Circle

Solar Talking with Andy Smith

Solar Talk: Saturday 3:30 p.m. Main Stage Fire Circle


Ever want to learn about solar power?  Andy will walk you through basic solar information and skills.  He knows his stuff!


Meditation with Mel

Meditations: Ongoing (look for Mel’s signs at the Main Stage by the hoop troupes!)


In addition to being a percussionist, a fourth-degree aikido teacher and a good listener, Mel Smith is an elder who teaches how to connect in a deep way. Another word for connection is love. There’s an old song that says that what the world needs now is love, but actually, love pervades everything. If you’re interested in sharing this and other ideas about spirituality, come visit with Mel. He’ll learn as much from you as you learn from him.  Find Mel with his signs in the main stage near the fire spinners!

Spirit Guide Meditation with Ina Moon

3:15pm Saturday at Mainstage at Main Stage Fire Circle


Join Ina and friends on a guided meditation and channeling session.  You never know what’s going to come through when you open the doors of perception.


Ferris Wheel

Hey look! A giant Ferris Wheel.  $5 a ride, $20 for a bracelet; open 12pm to 2am daily.

Shopping & Eating!

Shop at the Wakarusa Merchandise Tent, visit one of 100 Arts & Crafts Vendors, or grub out with 24-hour Food Vendors. Wakarusa guarantees a unique shopping experience to fit anyone’s styles, tastes and pocket book.

Wakarusa Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Arts Society of Ozark and several local agricultural (especially youth) non-profit organizations are joining together to provide you with a Farmer‘s Market this year!  We will be bringing you the freshest local produce from our amazing gardeners and farmers all located in Franklin County, AR. Items in season will include Asian Greens, Lettuces, fresh Berries, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Herbs, Squash, Tomatoes and more.  There will also be fresh local honey, jams, jellies, cheeses, and some of the best free range eggs you’ve ever tasted!
This is going to help out a lot of hard working folks who know how to keep it real and real tasty!
We’re so excited to see everyone on the Mountain and can’t wait to groove, move, and grub with you guys!
If you have any questions or are a local Gardener/Farmer who would like to participate please feel free to contact The Arts Society of Ozark:


Conscious Alliance Food Drive

Fight hunger and get a super cool, super limited, super 3-D and totally free poster!

Wakarusa and The Conscious Alliance are proud to host the annual ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drive.
All patrons that donate 20 nonperishable food items at the “Art That Feeds” Gallery (check your program for location) will receive a FREE Wakarusa Music Festival poster!

Recycalusa Booth

Fight litter and get totally free stuff!

Bring a full bag of recycling to the Recycalusa Booth (check your program for location) and earn free stuff like band merchandise and vendor goods.

Help us sort the bag of recycling and earn a free raffle ticket for a drawing to win free Wakarusa 2016 tickets!  Learn more about Recycalusa.

Experience the Ozarks

Hiking, tall Pines and sturdy Oaks, waterfalls, wildlife watching, Mulberry River, fresh air, sky gazing…


You’ll find some great fishing opportunities at Mulberry Mountain.

Fish one of our four stocked mini-lakes or enjoy private access to 1.5 mile of the Mulberry River.
Note: An Arkansas fishing license is required to fish on these lakes.

UPDATE: Only invited fire performers are allowed to spin on the mountain this year. 

If you would like to apply next year, email us in January of 2016.

Mulberry Mountain :: Ozark, Arkansas
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