30 Apr 2015

Love Hope Strength

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Wakarusa is thrilled to have Love Hope Strength back for the third year!

Love Hope Strength turns concerts and festivals into lifesaving events. Through the “GET ON THE LIST” campaign Love Hope Strength registers fans to the national marrow registry, FREE of charge.

All it takes is a simple cheek swab and a completion of a consent form for someone to become a registered marrow donor. The donation process, should someone become a match, is now an outpatient procedure. Most concertgoers revel in the opportunity to give back to the cancer community, which has touched so many of us. All of the testing is financially covered. Incredibly, every time a match is found, we can trace it back to a single event, thus letting you know when Wakarusa has offered hope to someone out there with a blood cancer in need of a lifesaving transplant!

To date, Love Hope Strength has found an amazing EIGHT potentially lifesaving matches at Wakarusa!