22 Apr 2015

Waka Wednesday with Johnny Stimson

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The Waka countdown is narrowing as days go by, and there’s plenty of artists from the lineup music lovers can listen to.

This week, try listening to Texas pop singer Johnny Stimson.  His single, “Holding On,” is an empowerment anthem with a universally appealing tune.  The track was recently featured in a commercial for a senior citizens cancer support group in the UK.

“Sometimes I write with my own specific life event in mind, but this one was meant to reach people who need hope at any stage… It was pretty crazy because two or three days after I got the call [about “Holding On being featured in the commercial] I started getting hundreds of tweets from new fans. I didn’t even know it was airing yet,” he said.

Johnny continued, “The ad was only in the UK, so I’ve seen some major traction there.  It’s amazing to me how this song really touches people.  So many UK fans have connected with me online to tell me how this song is touching their lives in meaningful ways. It’s really special.”

“Holding On” is a song from his four-track EP sharing the same.  Stimson expressed that the song wasn’t supposed to make it to the EP, but after the overwhelming response, his team rushed to put an EP out.

His song, “So. Good.,” however, is his most popular song on his SoundCloud profile.  It has the most shares, plays, and comments than any other track.

“We recorded that in a much more “live” setting, so it doesn’t hover around the metronome like most of my songs do. I think people love it because it just feels so good and groovy. I also worked really hard to get that song out on the internet. So many awesome blogs posted it up and that really gave it a great push,” Stimson said.

The EP, according to Stimson, is a “marriage between organic instruments with a funky, electronic undertone.”

Wakarusa will be Johnny Stimson’s first festival experience and he’s excited.  To get ‘Rusa ready, music can head over to his SoundCloud to preview the EP before the festival.

Interview by Arkansas Traveler contributor: Brittany Williams