08 Apr 2015

Waka Wednesday with Leave No Trace

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Stick to the Trails and Camp Overnight Right

-Camp only on existing or designated campsites to avoid damaging vegetation.

-Good campsites are found, not made!

-Don’t dig trenches or build structures in your campsite.

-Avoid stepping on flowers, small trees and fragile vegetation. Once damaged they may not grow back

Trash Your Trash

-Re-use is the name of the game! Try to re-use plates, cups, and utensils.

-Always keep a tidy camp! Secure your campsite belongings well to reduce wind blown trash and litter.

-Separate your trash into composting, recycling, and landfill.

-Be a model for others! Do your part to help clean up any litter that you see during the festival.

Dishwashing at Camp

-Set up a dishwashing station at camp.

-Use the three-bucket system: Cold water rinse, Hot soapy wash, Cold water rinse

-Strain your grey water to remove food scrap.

-Scatter or broadcast grey water on durable surface or in an approved receptacle.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

-Adequate trip planning and preparation helps minimize impacts and maximize safety.

-Gain knowledge of the area you plan to visit: weather, terrain, regulations, availability of trash and recycling receptacles, etc.

-Choose equipment and clothing for comfort, safety, and Leave No Trace qualities.

-Plan trip activities to match your goals, skills, and abilities.

-Plan your meals and repackage any goods to reduce unnecessary waste.