30 May 2014

The Hope We Seek Project

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The Hope We Seek project has partnered with Wakarusa!  It’s is a fusion of Fiction, Music and Art, in a free app!  Download The Hope We Seek project, where dark fiction meets a haunting music soundtrack and imaginative art.  Look for it at Wakarusa! http://www.thehopeweseek.com/app/

About the Author: Rich Shapero’s provocative stories deliver readers to different worlds, where characters struggle with gods of their own devising. His two previous critically acclaimed projects, Too Far and Wild Animus, include book, music and visual art and are also available as multimedia tablet apps and ebooks. Too Far was celebrated as “mystical” and “utterly gorgeous,” and Kirkus Reviews noted, “Shapero displays an impressive command of the unconscious.” He lives with his wife and daughters in the Santa Cruz Mountains.