13 May 2014

Top 10 Iconic Symbols at Wakarusa

Wakarusa Music Festival has a unique spirit about it, unlike any other music festival or gathering. The music, the artwork, the attitude, the land itself, it’s iconic. Once someone has been to Waka, they never forget. There are dozens of sights and sounds that will invoke memories of Wakarusa and make a soul long for that fresh mountain air, the welcoming signs, the natural beauty and artistic experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Here are just a few iconic symbols that Wakarusa fans know and love.

Veteran Wakarusa fanatics know them. New members of the family can look forward to seeing them. These are all iconic symbols of Wakarusa Music Festival. It is an experience unlike any other, an adventure, an escape, a dream come true, it is everything anyone could want in a music festival and more! Over the years, Wakarusa has become a symbolic event for music lovers and it in turn has quite a number of iconic symbols. These images and ideas are thrilling reminders of all the fun that is coming up just around the corner. If you have been to Wakarusa before, they evoke memories of great times and amazing experiences of years past.