12 May 2014

Wakarusa’s Music Monday – Twiddle

Wakarusa’s Music Monday brought to you by Twiddle!

Members: Brook Jordan – drums, Zdenek Gubb – bass, Ryan Dempsey – keys, Mihali Savoulidis – guitar

Origin: Castleton, Vermont

Genres: Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass

Albums: Live at Nectar’s Demo, Somewhere On The Mountain, Natural Evolution Of Consciousness

Musical Influences: Anyone that brings the funk.

Come to Wakarusa Music Festival on Mulbery Mountain and enjoy funky good times with Twiddle! Twiddle’s live shows segue from bluegrass to electronica, melts jazz-fusion into rockabilly and enhances reggae with funk. New listeners can look forward to a fun dynamic show. Veteran fans know to expect the unexpected. To summarize, Twiddle’s eclectic jams will blow your mind!