29 Apr 2014

Top 10 Essential Camping Items You’ll Need at Wakarusa

The key to a great camping experience is having the right stuff. There are some essentials that everyone should have to keep cool in the heat, prepare for weather, and most importantly, have fun! Here’s our list of top 10 essential items for camping at Wakarusa!

10. Shade – Whether you have a sweet sun hat or a pavilion to set up at base camp, shade is key when the sun is feeling extra-friendly. If nothing else, a tent is a good source of shade and shelter between sets.

9. Rain gear – Just in case! You never know when Mother Nature is going to have an off day, so bring a poncho, an umbrella or just a towel.

8. Clothes for any weather – Related to Rain gear, it’s a good idea to bring some warm clothes as well as light, cool stuff for fun in the sun. Obviously it’s a summer music festival in sunny Arkansas, so bring plenty of clothes to keep cool in the heat, but don’t be caught off guard if it cools off last at night. Pack a jacket and some pants just in case!

7. Tent – Um, duh. A basic necessity of most any camping adventure is a tent to crash in. Ride in style with glamping, or just bring a basic set-up, either way, you’ll have a comfortable home base to come back to when you need a pause between epic rage-fests.

6. Sunscreen – As previously mentioned, it gets sunny up on Mulberry Mountain. You can’t hide in the shade all day, so bring some sunscreen and rock on all day without getting burned!

5. Sleeping bag or blankets – Obviously if you’re planning to sleep you ought to bring something comfortable to sleep in/on. Some people  might think a hammock is optimal, but for me nothing beats a nice soft sleeping bag. Curl up inside when it’s cool at night and roll out and lie on top of it when it warms up in the morning. Winning!

4. T.P. – For so many reasons I could never list them all nor emphasize enough, T.P. is essential, so bring a roll and keep some in your pocket when you’re on the go. Multi-purpose and invaluable, don’t get caught without some!

3. Food – There are plenty of vendors around the festival selling dank foods you will want to eat again and again, but having munchies at your base is key to a good camping trip. Bring some nutritious foods to keep you fueled and treat yo’self with your favorite snacks to chow on whenever you want!

2. Comfortable footwear – Whether you want to go hiking or just go from stage to stage seeing different bands, your favorite shoes, boots or flip-flops are key. I recommend something that won’t slip off and get swallowed in a little mud or get lost in the dark at night.

1. Water – Essential to survival in any setting, water is the number one thing you want to bring with in large quantities for your camping trip. It’s the basic fuel that keeps the body going so you can keep partying and it’s refreshing in the heat too. If all else fails, a nice water-bottle-shower is also a nice, easy way to clean up after a wild night.

Be sure to bring these essentials and you are guaranteed to have a great time camping at Wakarusa Music Festival!