23 Apr 2014

Waka Wednesday’s- Two New Camping Options!

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Wakarusa is right around the corner, so we hope all of you beloved folks are getting hyped up. We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to some new happenings at the festival and give you a heads up. It is in great excitement to offer a couple new camping options. Please take a minute to learn about our new endeavors below.

Glamping: This is our very first year to offer the incredible, globally spreading “Glamping”. We’ve partnered up with the incredible ConTentment and they’re sure to make camping a breeze. Offered to regular general admission and VIP, this is an all sure way to have your camping accommodations taken care of. From the tent, bed/s, pillows and blankets, all of the dirty set-up work is handled before you even arrive. Simply pull into the festival and bask in the glory of music, because you’ll have a super comfy place of rest waiting for you.

Wakstar Tour Bus Package: If you’ve ever dreamed about living the life of a rock star, bring your friends and live out that dream! Wakstar takes festival life to a completely whole new level. A top of the line, fully functional tour bus will be waiting for your arrival. This option is fabulous for a group of friends or family. Up to 10 people can partake in this excellent package, utilizing the fully stocked refrigerator, functional bathrooms and SO MUCH MORE!

We’d also like to give out a friendly reminder in regards to ticketing. Tickets have been selling at a rapid rate and the current price tier allotment is almost gone. Prices will increase on April 25th at 12:01pm CST.