15 Apr 2014

Top 10 Must Haves for Wakarusa

Here are the Top 10 things you Must have at Wakarusa Music Festival!

10. Map/Schedule – There is no easier way to catch every epic set by all the bands you want to see other than keeping track with a map and schedule of set lists. These handy guides are available all over the place and easily fit in a pocket or bag. Keep one with you and never miss the action!

9. Sunscreen – It gets gloriously bright upon Mulberry Mountain. When the sun is shining and the bands are playing you don’t want to get burnt before the night time festivities! So make sure to cover any exposed skin with something to protect you and stay cool!

8. Comfortable footwear – Whether you like to kick it in your flip-flops or stomp around in mud boots, be sure to bring some footwear you can party in all day and through the night!

7. T.P. – Real talk, sometimes you are just going to need it. Multipurpose and invaluable when the facilities are especially busy, keep some with you and thank me later!

6.  Sleeping Gear – You might want to party non-stop but sometime in those four awesome days you will want to crash. Be prepared with gear to protect you in case of a summer rain or that pesky sun!

5. Camera – Capture the epic concerts and immortalize good times with friends with a picture! Whether it’s your phone, digital or old-school, a camera is an essential part of any adventure and Wakarusa is nothing if not an adventure!

4. Money – Between the delicious foods, radical clothes and sweet souvenirs for sale around Wakarusa, you are going to be glad you saved up and brought a little spending money.

3. Dank food/Snacks – Nothing like chowing down on your favorite snacks or camping food at home base or on the move. Bring along some nutritious fuel to keep you going and some treats to enjoy too!

2. Water – The key to surviving any music festival; water is absolutely vital. Bring water with you and keep a bottle handy so you can refill it as necessary.

1. Good friends – Travel with your crew and you are all set, plus there are tons of chill folks at Wakarusa there to have fun and make new friends!