02 Apr 2014

Waka Wednesday- Get Involved!

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How do I get involved with Wakarusa? This question has always been a reoccurring one. Let us begin with the fact that Wakarusa was made for music lovers, by music lovers. By that, we mean that we all hard to start somewhere! There are 2 popular ways to get involved with behind the scenes action. By volunteering or becoming a member of the street team, you’re sure to get your feet in the door. Our festival wouldn’t be possible without the likes of devoted folks like you. Seriously, we deeply appreciate the eager, hardworking individual.  It’s made known and noted when we see someone who has a hankering to learn the world of Wakarusa. With some dedication, you’ll receive your event pass, help make the festival and still have time play!

Street Team:  Becoming a part of street teaming is a lovely choice for the person who wants to get involved via pre-festival. Promotion is a key task while working on our street team. You’ll utilize the internet doing social media, distribute hand bills and represent the awesomeness that is Wakarusa. We’ll give you access to an exclusive fan community with tools and helpful hints on how to rock your job!

Volunteering: This option is for the folks who want in on the action as it’s happening. There are SEVERAL departments to work in and never a dull moment. You could work anywhere from art, production, hospitality and site operations. All of these departments provide new learning’s and experience. You’ll be sure to leave with lasting relationships for years to come.

Get involved in the music that makes your world go round! You’ll earn prizes, event tickets and enlighten your brain with the music industry. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!? Get signed up, pack your bags and we’ll see you there!