05 Mar 2014

Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia

Wakarusa Wednesday-Trivia

Freshen up your memory with some questions you may or may not know!

1. Which of these is NOT a stage name at Wakarusa?

A- Backwoods Stage

B- Post Tent C- Main Stage

D- Revival Tent

2. How many ticketed camping options are there total?

A- 3

B- 7

C- 9

D- 5

3. What wildlife will you NOT find on Mulberry Mountain?

A- American Black Bear

B- Armadillo

C- Elk

D- Grizzly Bear

4. How many states have Wakarusa Ticket Outlets?

A- 4

B- 8

C- 12

D- 5

5. What year did The Lumineers play on the Backwoods Stage?

A- 2012

B- 2013

C- 2009

D- 2011

ANSWERS: 1.) B- The correct name for this stage is “Outpost Tent”. ALWAYS plentiful of music, love and lights! 2.) C- That’s right folks, we like to give you an ample amount options (TENT OR RV). Post up in close proximity to water at Riverside, chill the hammock life at Westwoods or rage deep in the action at Main Venue. We have you covered! 3.) D- Whoa! We’ll pass on the gigantic, furry and tempered Grizzly Bears! 4.) A- Visit your local ticket outlet today and save! 5.) A- Ahh, now that’s one show we’ll NEVER forget! 2014 Lineup may have a few little revelations as well.