25 Feb 2014

Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences

Wakarusa’s Top 10 Mulberry Mountain Experiences

10. Lounge in the Hammock Village at the Satellite
Every morning, the tree line at the Satellite Stage is transformed into an oasis of bass and ENO hammocks. The perfect way to start your day…or end your night.



9. Ride the Ferris Wheel
Epic views. Killer lights. Incredible memories. It’s a no brainer

8. The Pig Trail
There’s only one way in to Wakarusa.  The lanes are narrow and the switchbacks are scary. But the view is out-of-this-world. Remember…sometimes, getting there is half the fun.

7. Play a Round of Disc Golf
There is a professional, 9 hole course right in the middle of Mulberry Mountain. Pack your discs and keep an eye out for impromptu tournaments and ill-advised, drunken bets. All-Waka-long.


6. Chompdown
Honestly, it may be the best part of the festival. The one thing that truly sets Wakarusa apart from the rest of the pack. Each year, hundreds of people coming together for a fan-sponsored community breakfast, in celebration of life, music, food…and Rabbit. The experiences we have had and friendships that we have forged at Chompdown are unlike any other. Check out this video to see exactly why Chompdown was an easy shoe-in for a spot on this week’s top 10 list.

5. Become an Astral Gypsy Puppet
Because everyone wants to experience what it is  like to become a gigantic version of Hunter S. Thompson or a walking mushroom. You gotta try it…at least once.



4. Enjoy the Mulberry River
If you’re camping in Main Venue or West Woods, then take a break from the music and hop on the shuttle to Riverside for an afternoon dip. Or for you adventurous types…head a little further to Byrd’s Adventure Center for a relaxing, midday canoe trip.

3. Hike to the Waterfall
It’s a right of passage for every Wakarusian. It ain’t easy. But the waterfall is worth the effort. Special note: leave the beer at your campsite. This hike takes you through the Ozark National Forest and off of the privately owned land at Mulberry Mountain.

2. Sunset
The time of day that the sun disappears and daylight fades away…all your worries fade away as you prepare for Interstellar Meltdown.

Wakarusa 2013 © Spady Photography

1. Sunrise
There’s just nothing quite like a sunrise on Mulberry Mountain.  You can spend it gettin’ down at the Satellite Stage, resting in your hammock off in the tree line or enjoying morning coffee with your new-found friends…our point? Make it a point to experience at least one sunrise during Wakarusa this year.