19 Feb 2014

Wakarusa Wednesday-What Makes Wakarusa SO Special?

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Wakarusa Wednesday-What Makes Wakarusa SO Special?

There are thousands of festivals in the United States, but what makes Wakarusa stand out from all the rest? The fact that we’re solely independent and created from the ground up certainly sets us apart. Each individual that attends this event is taken into consideration (I’m not joking, we seriously love your face). Many patrons use Wakarusa as their vacation, a time to escape, and to let every existing worry melt away.

The early morning mountain dew, subtle mid afternoon breezes and immaculate sunsets hold true to Mulberry Mountain. Now, I won’t pretend like Mother Nature is ALWAYS on our side (sometimes she’s having one of those moods and nobody can control that). She’s splashed down an all heavy glory of rain on us and even covered our paths in mud. How does this seem to ever be appealing to Wakarusa? When the weather takes it’s toll, you all become one. It’s absolutely incredible to see people come together, remain positive and continue to have the best time of their lives.

The overall cultural sound experience of our festival is one not to be forgotten. Here at Wakarusa, we love to bring in a variety of music. This incredible diversity comes from all over the world. Past line-up examples include:  Bombino , Tinariwen and Amon Tobin. This year, Rusty Shackle will be coming to Wakarusa for their VERY FIRST gig in the United States.

Next, Wakarusa has a general atmosphere of goodwill. Festy mode quickly turns to “game on” once each patron passes through the entry gate. Stress flies out of the window. Immediately music, family, love and nature become in sync. Our festival is truly one place that strangers look out for strangers.

Another exciting part of the festival is the love and dedication that goes into it. By this, we mean the love that YOU put into Wakarusa. So many folks prepare for their time on the mountain months before hand. The costumes, decorations, campsite home bases and let us not forget the awesome rage sticks! The added ambiance is a large part of what makes Wakarusa feel like home.

We truly can’t wait to see you all at Wakarusa 2014!