18 Feb 2014

Top 10 Things You Might Miss While Attending Wakarusa (A Lyrical Recap)

Top 10 Things You Might Miss While Attending Wakarusa (A Lyrical Recap)

10. The Family Reunion
June is prime time for all of your distant relatives to get together and pretend like they like each other. Skip the chaos. Go to Wakarusa.

“Blood’s thicker than the mud
It’s a family affair.”
Sly and the Family Stone “A Family Affair”

9. Summer School
It’s the Summer, yo! You’re supposed to be partying, not studying! Let your mind relax and head to Wakarusa in lieu of another dreaded Summer School Session.

“Out for summer
Out til Fall
We might not go back at all”
Alice Cooper “School’s Out”

8. Your Job
We all have one. Wakarusa may be your only chance to escape the grind for a few days.

“Well I didn’t go to work, told the boss I was sick
‘Well you can’t use the car ’cause you didn’t work a lick’
Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues”
Eddie Cochran “Summertime Blues”

7. Your Boss at Your Job
Don’t let an overzealous boss put the kibosh on the greatest weekend of your life.

“You hate your boss at your job
But in your dreams, you can blow his head off.
And your dreams show no mercy.”
The Flaming Lips “Bad Days”

6. Your Significant Other
So you wanna go to Waka but your BF/GF just isn’t that into it. Throw a little JT on the speakers and let them know that you’ll be heading to Mulberry Mountain anyway.

“I can’t wait to fall in love with you
You can’t wait to fall in love with me
This just can’t be summer love”
Justin Timberlake “Summer Love”

5. Your Ex Significant Other
Getting away from your ex may be all the reason that you need to take the plunge and purchase your Waka tickets. Chances are that if they liked Waka, they would like you. And vice versa. Time to let it go.

“You and I are the past cest la vie,
And I’m out with the next girl”
Gangstarr “Ex Girl to the Next Girl”

4. Your Favorite TV Show
It’s the reason that God invented the DVR. Set it to record, and get your ass on the road to Waka! As they say, the revolution will not be televised.

“Skip out for beer during commercials
Because the revolution will not be televised”
Gil Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

3. Your Dog
He might be your best friend, but you still gotta leave Fido at home! Call the local kennel and try to get over that borderline-weird emotional attachment you have to your canine brethren. It’s time to start making plans!

“If you need a companion
Well just go right to the pound
And find yourself a hound
And make that doggie proud”
Nellie McKay “The Dog Song”

2. Your Bed
Camping may not be for everyone, but everyone camps at Waka! Abandon your creature comforts for a few days so that you can fully embrace the festival experience. After all, sharing a sleeping bag with a friend (or a stranger) has its perks!

“We are friends in a sleeping bag splitting the heat
We have one filthy pillow to share…”
Amanda Palmer “The Bed Song”

1. Reality
Ok, so maybe you don’t really “miss the real world” while you’re raging on Mulberry Mountain. But that moment when you first reenter society after the festival is always awkward. Moral of the story? Create your OWN reality.

“The nature of reality
Is only in your mind”
Oasis “The Nature of Reality”