12 Feb 2014

Wakarusa Wednesday – Bring It!

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Have you ever been to a festival and thought of some staple items you should have thrown in the ol’ bag? Maybe you’ve never been to an event of these sorts and are curious of exactly what’s important. Obviously YOU’RE important, the MUSIC is important, but there’s some luxuries in life that’ll make the whole experience ideal. We’re here to help and we have your back. Today, we’ll begin with one item that definitely ranks important on the packing list. Stay tuned, we’ll touch base on more items each week!

1. Toilet Paper- Pack a few rolls and you’ll become “King/Queen of Wakarusa”; hero to every forgetful, hippie flower-child.

Unless you’re feeling extremely resourceful in using the leaves of Mother Nature (I don’t recommend that-poison ivy itches), you’re going to need some toilet paper. Wakarusa has a phenomenal Site Crew that keeps the port-o-potties restocked, but this isn’t the only place you’ll need the TP. Although we provide it, you’ll definitely want your own stash! There are tens of thousands of reasons why you could need this awesome product, other than doing your business.

Here are some examples:

a.) You just made yourself a delicious veggie wrap of epic proportions. The first bite is so delicious that it inches it’s way into every taste bud. Before you know it, it’s viscid spread is all over your hands (possibly your shirt, depending on how tasty it is). You don’t want to wipe it’s remnants all over your cleanest festival wear, now do you? Reach on over for that toilet paper and you have yourself a handy clean-up tool.

b.) One of your all time FAVORITE bands in the entire world has presented themselves among a Wakarusa stage. The show begins, the music gets intense as it rushes through your inner soul. The vibes of Mulberry Mountain become apparent and you can feel the love all around you. Each beat of bass pulses into your chest. At precisely that point, you begin to weep with the inner joy that only such a band can produce. Those tears of joy might start flowing like the great Mississippi River. Ball up that toilet paper in your hand and let it soak up those tears of music bliss.

c.) There comes a time when you may feel on the brink of a sound induced coma after hours upon hours of raging. Honestly, noise level probably doesn’t matter that much to most of us. In reality though, you need to take care of those precious little ears of yours! Sound technicians are highly trained and know the safe levels. But still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your ear drums a little extra love here and there. Did you know that toilet paper makes the perfect ear plugs? That’s right folks, break off a little piece and roll it up. It’ll fit perfectly and ensure a little sound pressure vacation.

d.) Lastly, but certainty not least; perhaps you meet yourself a foxy little festy lover. Your mobile device is probably long dead on the battery level, so how are you supposed to get their contact info!? Stay calm, write it down on your handy roll of toilet paper. (Bring a writing utensil as well). There has been many of romantic love stories blossom from Wakarusa, so trust me on this one!

These amazing TP tricks will make your festival life a brilliant one!

With all of this being said, you may be wondering how to dispose of your highly useful paper product? Here on Mulberry Mountain, Recycling makes our hearts all warm and fuzzy. Wakarusa has an incredible recycling system in place and even dishes out complimentary bags upon arrival. Get involved in the action of Recycalusa. We’ll take every full bag of your good doing at the festival and give you a special prize!