05 Feb 2014

Wakarusa Wednesday: Trivia

How much do you know about Wakarusa? Go ahead, give it a shot!

1.) In what YEAR did the first Wakarusa take place?

a. 1998

b. 2004

c. 2012

d. 1992

2.) In what STATE did the first Wakarusa take place?

a. Oregon

b. Arkansas

c. Kansas

d. Missouri

3.) What does “Wakarusa” mean?

a. Big Sea Water

b. Medicine Drink

c. Ass Deep

d. Shooting Star

4.) What is the name of Wakarusa’s local independent ticketing company?

a. Pipeline Ticketing

b. Rocket Tickets

c. Event Pass Tickets

d. Mountain Directions

5.) Which activity can you participate in at the festival?

a. Disc Golf

b. Hiking

c. Canoeing

d. all of the above


1.) B- Wakarusa made it’s first start in the year of 2004. The festival came in strong by hosting bands like STS9, Leftover Salmon, Spoon, Galactic and Tea Leaf Green. To this day, Wakarusa continues to feature Grammy Award Winning Acts.

2.) C- Our festival made it’s appearance outside of Lawrence, Kansas at Clinton State Park. In 2009, Wakarusa packed it’s bags and made Arkansas home.

3.) C- The word “Wakarusa” is derived from the meaning “Ass Deep”.  Named after a well known river near the festivals birthplace, Wakarusa River has been described as being “ass deep” in water depth.

4.) A- We like to keep our eggs in one basket. To keep service charges low and to ensure patrons with the best customer service, we handle our own ticketing. Pipeline Ticketing is compiled of a few friendly ladies working in a local, independent company. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or concerns with us at any time!

5.) D- That’s right folks, we have a little bit of everything on the mountain. If you feel like taking a break from the music, we have you covered when it comes to outdoor activities. We’ll give you detailed information on activities soon, so please be patient!