Wakarusa Music Festival - June 4 - 7, 2015


Waka Wednesday with Wakarusa’s Art Director

GratefulWeb.com‘s contributor, Michelle Miesse recently had a chance to talk to Wakarusa’s Art Director, Nicholas Tarr. Check out the interview below! As art director, why is it important to have art at music festivals? Music festivals aren’t just about the music anymore, they’re about the whole experience. It’s not just about the lineup, people want… Read More »

Music Monday with Nahko and Medicine for the People

It was Friday afternoon, day two of Wakarusa and a dang-near capacity Revival tent. The place so packed in, lively festival free-for-aller’s were spilling out into the open, sweaty air with the hopes of catching a direct eye line. With the hope of catching whatever inferno was about to break out. I remember standing next… Read More »

Waka Winter Classic Finalists and Voting

The Waka Winter Classic finalists are in and the voting page is now live. Vote for your favorite Waka Winter Classic finalist, the top two bands in this vote will play their sets on the Revival Tent Stage! Go have a listen to all the finalists and vote for your favorite! http://www.wakarusa.com/wakarusa-winter-classic-2015-finalist/   All voters… Read More »